There are many health problems that women discuss openly, but vaginal health isn’t always one of them. Despite this, if you suffer from vaginal discomfort like dryness, burning, and urinary incontinence, you are hardly alone. More than 75 percent of women report that vaginal atrophy has negatively impacted their lives! If you want to regain your femininity and escape the symptoms of vaginal discomfort, the MonaLisa Touch treatment is your solution.

The MonaLisa Touch is a simple, safe, and clinically proven treatment for painful symptoms of menopause and vaginal atrophy. It is finally possible to achieve vaginal rejuvenation with no pain and no side effects! At A Place For Wellness, we offer the MonaLisa Touch treatment to help women embrace their sexual health and feel confident in their bodies.

If you are ready to escape your painful symptoms, restore youthful tone and elasticity to your vaginal area, and enhance the quality of your life and personal relationships, call (727) 362-7477 for your private consultation with our team at A Place For Wellness.